BFBS, BFBS UK, and Tommy Vancy…

…You’ll hear the tunes that make you dance, BFBS and Tommy Vance

Although 30 years have gone by since a teenage Heinrich had his radio tuned to the Britisch Forces Broadcasting Service, I can still remember some of their jingles. Growing up in Lower Saxony, BFBS Germany was our gateway to the world of cool pop music, always a little ahead of NDR2, then the only radio station available that did not cater exclusively to the needs of grown-ups (which means lots of Schlager and Volksmusik).

Inevitably BFBS helped improve my English, ultimately even leading to me posting blog entries in this language. And I got rare insights into British ways of looking at things, often strange, but always enlightening. Thanks, BFBS, you did a good job, and while I was not your target audience, me listening to you did not cost the British taxpayer one shilling. My conscience is clear, at least on this topic 😉

With the advent of private radio station in the late eighties things for us listeners definitely changed for the better, Radio Schleswig-Holstein started in 1986 with 24 hours of rock and pop. BFBS now is one in at least 30 FM stations showing on my radio dial, and only occasionally will I tune into it. My guess is, when the last British soldier leaves Germany in a few years, BFBS will be gone for good, like my youth, come to think of it. Ok, must be the foggy November weather…


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