Germany is not as static as one might think. Here are a few examples of migration that Heinrich observed over the last say 20 years or so.

From North to South:
When Heinrich was still a little Heini (yes, that’s really the diminutive of Heinrich) it was considered highly impolite to say “Tschüss” when leaving a shop in Bavaria or seeing off a visitor when south of the Weißwurstäquator

Slowly following Tschüss, we’re working on it 😉

From South to North:
Hard to get by 30 years ago, only very few shops in Hamburg would sell it, serving the Bavarian expats, lured into the north by love or work or both. Nowadays available in every supermarket large or small.

Also known as Fleischkäse, both names are kind of misleading, because there’s no cheese in it whatsoever. Crept into northern parts of Germany, although still not on sale everyday and everyware. Heinrichs trusted local Metzger for example normally makes fresh Leberkäs every Thursday, unless specially ordered. Unthinkable in Bavaria, Metzger would be expelled immediately.

More to come…


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